“In our wind band women wear men’s clothes, but they no longer feel comfortable in them. How can we change our concept?”

Another important aspect of the Trachten Information Centre’s activities is its educational programme and its advisory service for private individuals, specialists and institutions.
We might, for example, offer advice about how to find a collection lovingly amassed over a period of thirty years that has gone missing, or about how to save a Trachten society facing dissolution. But we can also give tips on how to clean a valuable pair of Lederhosen that are a family heirloom. In other words, we receive enquiries about all manner of things.
Our educational programme and advisory service are available to anyone interested in the history and current use of traditional costume, testifying to the importance we attach to inclusion. In 2017, in conjunction with the “Zamma” cultural festival, a neck scarf edition was produced as part of the Trachten Information Centre’s inclusion campaign. We plan further such initiatives to promote inclusion and participation.

The private individuals who come to the Trachten Information Centre for advice include fans of traditional costume, wedding couples, and collectors and their heirs. Our more specialist consultation service is designed for creatives and craftspeople; manufacturers and garment makers; traditional costume groups, societies and clubs; museums and other cultural institutions; universities, state schools, vocational schools and adult education institutions; and authorities, corporations and companies.

Events & Workshops

Alongside talks and exhibitions and visits to trade fairs and markets the Trachten Information Centre’s educational programme also offers more practical events: for instance, our Workshop Programme not only addresses theoretical questions but also seeks to promote craftsmanship directly. It is designed for anyone who would like to try their hand at making traditional clothing themselves or for those who require further professional training. 

Until further notice, our course programme will be held in German. As it is very practically designed, there is nothing to prevent participation with little knowledge of German.
For information on current workshops, please get in touch with our office.

At the Trachten-Kontor of the Trachten Information Centre a female employee fits a young man in traditional costume - he wears a hat, waistcoat and leather trousers, loferls and Haferl shoes - with a leather belt.
Expert advice is very important to us - and that includes your pleasure in trying it on (Photography Peter Nitsch)
The scene from a quill stitching workshop at the Trachten Information Centre shows various people sitting at a wooden table on which pieces of leather and templates for embroidering monograms are spread out.
Handicraft for all: Learning and trying out together is the motto of our quill embroidery courses for beginners and advanced participants (Photography Peter Nitsch)
The photograph shows hands holding a brown leather belt and two ornate brass buckles.
Closeup view of a leather belt and two ornate brass buckles (Photography Peter Nitsch)
Visiting the Trachten-Kontor: closeup view of men's legs in hand-knitted "Loferln" (mid-shin wool leg warmer) embroidered with yellow patterns.
Hand-knitted "Loferln" (mid-shin wool leg warmer): One of many examples of traditional craftsmanship that you can enjoy, try and buy at the Trachten-Kontor (Photography Peter Nitsch)
Photogragh of the neckerchief edition, which was created as part of the inclusion campaign of the Trachten Information Centre as part of the "Zamma" cultural festival in 2017. The self-patterned cotton scarves in the colours anthracite, burgundy and white lie next to each other in a grey cardboard box. Each scarf is wrapped in a matching satin ribbon with a round white label bearing an abstract logo specially designed for the inclusion campaign.
This neckerchief edition was created as part of the inclusion campaign of the Trachten Information Centre as part of the 2017 "Zamma" cultural festival.
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